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Hi I’m Randin Olson, owner of Lock Jaw Guide Service located in the Ottertail lakes area of Minnesota. Growing up in this area, I had the privilege of learning how to fish from my father who is an outstanding Walleye angler. As the years grew, so did my passion for fishing. Although Musky is my favorite species to chase, Walleye, Bass, Northern, and Panfish will always hold a special place in my life. There is no greater pleasure than to introduce children to the outdoors since they are the future of our sport.

Along with running a multi-species guide service, I am an outdoor writer for Mid-West Outdoors, Keye’s Outdoors online magazine, and TV host for “Fishin’ with Randin”. With over 20 years of fishing experience under my belt, my mission is to provide a day of great experiences and memories, along with a working knowledge of the target species.

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Unbelievable guide – they scoped out best spots for days before we came – he was happy to do it all or genuinely explain the equipment/choices, concepts, basic technique, and even more elusive – rigging!  After 100+ fish from bluegill to Crappie to Pike my 16 YO daughter took a nap but woke up specifically to thank him after – it is always impressive you’re with the guide others come to talk to for advice or as friends/collaborators plus Randin is very personable and excited about what he does – helps those anxieties of us trying/to get back into the sport! Can’t wait to try Muskies with him!


I had a great time! We caught more walleye in one day than I have in my life! I am booking another trip as soon as possible!


This is the second year that I have been to Minnesota and fished with Randin. I have fished all over and with many guide services, and this guy is my absolute favorite. He took the time to not only teach me how to fish for these elusive muskie monsters, but he also was genuinely engaged and fired up excited that we would be successful. Every time he spoke about each bait or process he taught me something. This took a ton of patience and dedication from both of us to catch the fish of a lifetime but we pulled it off. I’m thankful that I met this guy and I had the best time fishing with him. If I could give him 10 stars I would. 


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